Plenary Session


Jonathan Silver

The Strategy of Jewish Conservatism

Roger Hertog

BDS and the Jewish Institutions of America

Caroline Glick

A Tribute to the Legacy of Charles Krauthammer Z"L

William Kristol and Rich Lowry

Break and Booths


Awarding the Tikvah Fund's Herzl Prize to Natan Sharansky

Award Given by Roger Hertog
Natan Sharansky in conversation with Elliott Abrams

Breakout Session A

(Participants Choose One)

Israel's Founding Fathers

Martin Kramer

Can the Universities be Saved? A Jewish View

Peter Berkowitz and Elliot Kaufman

Israel's Haredi Challenge

R. Yehoshua Pfeffer

The Meaning of Israeli Exceptionalism

Dan Senor and Seth Seigel

Jews, Muslims, and the Crisis of Europe

Douglas Murray and Daniel Johnson

Breakout Session B

(Participants Choose One)

The Education of a Jewish Conservative

Ruth Wisse

Updating Pew: The State of Jewish America Now

Alan Cooperman and Jonathan Silver

Relgion and Nationalism: A Conservative View

Yoram Hazony and Jonathan Haidt

The Moral Case for Conservative Ideas

Arthur Brooks and Eric Cohen

The Political Lessons of the Soviet Jewry Movement

Elliott Abrams

Final Plenary

Judges, Lawmakers, and the Future of Israeli Conservatism

Ayelet Shaked

Jewish Conservatism Among the Almost Chosen People

R. Meir Soloveichik

Parting Words

Roger Hertog

Cocktail Reception