Opening of the 2021 Conference: Day 1

JLC 2021: Our Mission and Our Moment

Eric Cohen

The Meaning of American Leadership: Reflections from the 70th Secretary of State

Sec. Mike Pompeo and Roger Hertog

How Great Nations Depend on Great Families

Yoram Hazony and Jonathan Silver

The Post-COVID Economy: East, West, and Israel

Dan Senor, Michael Eisenberg, and Amiad Cohen


Herzl Prize Ceremony and Address:
Farewell to the “Little Jew”?

Ruth Wisse, Introduced and Awarded by Mem D. Bernstein

The Significance of the Abraham Accords: An Inside View

Amb. David Friedman and Martin Kramer


Breakout Sessions

Can Jews and Christians Renew American Institutions?

Eric Cohen, Robert Nicholson, and Yuval Levin

“What’s a Jewish Parent to Do?”: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, and America’s Universities

John Podhoretz and Jonathan Silver

In Hebrew: The Trouble with Israeli Teacher's Unions

Shmuel Abuav, Ricky Maman, and Naveh Dromi


The Future of American Conservatism

Victor Davis Hanson and Matthew Continetti

Breakout Sessions

The Israeli Elections and the Future of Israeli Conservatism

Yaakov Katz, Ran Baratz, and Alex Traiman

The Culture Wars: Comparing the U.S. and Israel

Aylana Meisel, Gadi Taub, and Peter Berkowitz

The Iran Threat: What is America’s Strategy?

Sen. Tom Cotton and Elliott Abrams

Conclusion of Day 1. Click here for the Day 2/Monday schedule.