Doors Open and Breakfast

Morning Plenary Sessions


Eric Cohen

On Jewish Greatness

Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

What is Conservatism?—A Conversation

Yoram Hazony and Matthew Continetti
Moderated by Jonathan Silver

Who is the American Jewish Hero?

Ruth Wisse

Global Orders and Disorders: Does America Have a Strategy?

The Hon. Michael R. Pompeo
Interviewed by Elliott Abrams

On Jewish Exceptionalism

Eric Cohen

Herzl Prize Award Ceremony

Roger Hertog


Luncheon with Tikvah’s Chairman

Elliott Abrams

Afternoon Plenary Sessions

Israel, America, and the New Middle East

Amb. Ron Dermer

The Future of Israeli Democracy

MK Simcha Rothman

The Birth of a New Israeli Conservatism

Amiad Cohen

How to Fight Back Against "Wokeness": A Jewish View

Bari Weiss and John Podhoretz
Moderated by Jonathan Silver

Building the Jewish Classical Curriculum: What Every Young Jew Needs to Know About Western Civilization

Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin

Why We Started the Jewish Parents Forum

Rebecca Sugar

The Three Books That Every Young Jew Should Read

Liel Leibovitz

The Florida Model and Why It’s Good for Religious Americans

Gov. Ron DeSantis

Farewell, Cocktails, and Hors d’Oeuvres