Doors Open


Early Breakouts

(Participants Choose One)

Teaching Market Economics in Israel

Russ Roberts and Amiad Cohen

Strengthening Democracy and Resisting Judicial Tyranny in Israel

Moshe Koppel

Plenary Session

The Strategy of Jewish Conservatism

Eric Cohen

Israel's Role Among the Nations

Yoram Hazony

Anti-Semitism in America: How to Counter the Threats We Face

Malcolm Hoenlein

Morning Breakout Sessions

(Participants Choose One)

Haredi Conservatism and the Israeli Culture Wars

Yehoshua Pfeffer

The Trump Doctrine: America, Israel, and the Middle East

Michael Doran

Jews on Campus: Student Leaders Tell Stories from the Front Lines

Jonathan Silver, Tamara Berens, and Talia Katz

Socialism and the Jews: An Autopsy

Ruth Wisse

Religious Freedom and the Courts

Judge Neomi Rao, Mark Rienzi, and Daniel Mark


2019 Herzl Prize Ceremony

Norman Podhoretz, Herzl Prize Laureate
John Podhoretz

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

(Participants Choose One)

Israel and the Muscular Spirit of the West

Victor Davis Hanson

Winston Churchill: The Great British Zionist

Andrew Roberts

Modern Statesmanship: Why Leaders Matter

A conversation between Henry Kissinger and Roger Hertog

Three Jewish Heroes of the Twentieth Century

Meir Soloveichik

Cocktail Reception