The Herzl Prize is Tikvah’s highest honor, given every year to a leader who embodies our highest ideals as patriotic Americans, proud Zionists, and committed Jews.

This year, we are pleased to be recognizing Ben Sasse—the President of the University of Florida and former U.S. Senator from Nebraska—as our Herzl Prize Laureate.

JLC 2024 will focus on The Jewish Fight for America, and in particular, on one of the essential battlegrounds in this struggle: the college campus. For too long, patriotic Americans of all faiths, including proud American Jews, have ceded the academy to those who are hostile to our most cherished values, and the results are plain for all to see: a generation of young minds being immersed in anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and hostility to the noblest traditions and achievements of Western civilization.

If we are to renew America, then we must first renew American higher education. Jews can and must lead the way, and an essential element of Tikvah’s strategy in the years ahead will be building new programs and institutions that embody a distinctly Jewish vision of liberal education at its best.

No university leader has been as courageous, clearheaded, and visionary in charting a better path forward for higher education than Ben Sasse. In just a short time, he has helped the University of Florida blossom into one of the most significant educational institutions in America. He has fostered a culture of intellectual seriousness, moral clarity in the face of anti-Semitism, and unapologetic pride in the United States and the West. We look forward with excitement to his remarks to us at the Conference.

Dr. Sasse’s vision of educational renewal embodies much of what Tikvah’s animating mission will be in the years to come. Together, we will build oases of Jewish excellence that put American civic renewal at the heart of university life and Jewish ideas at the heart of renewing Western civilization.

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