1. We believe that the Jewish people possess the same rights, privileges, and duties as every other people. In the democratic societies of the world, we believe that Jews should seek to preserve a distinctively Jewish way of life and to participate as equals in the civic and political life of their home countries; and that those countries should respect the liberty of Jews just as they respect the rights of all individuals and communities. Among the nations of the world, we believe that Israeli national sovereignty should be respected, and that Israel should be celebrated as one of the great political achievements of the modern age.
  2. We believe in the historical, religious, and political significance of Jewish civilization. The moral and political teachings of the Hebrew Bible stand at the center of Western and American civilization. Modern Jews, both religious and secular, should see themselves as the carriers of this great civilization, and accept the responsibility of perpetuating Jewish ideas, Jewish culture, and Jewish life from this generation to the next.
  3. We believe in the preservation and defense of religious liberty, which is our birthright as American citizens. In America, every religious community should continue to possess the freedom to live, worship, and educate in accordance with their own traditions and ideals, without fear of punishment, penalty, or restriction by the state. As a small people in a great land, Jews should stand up for the cause of religious liberty with a loud and leading voice, and Jews of all denominations should actively defend their right to determine the values and policies that govern their schools, synagogues, and communal institutions.
  4. We believe that all Americans should have the political freedom and economic means to educate their children in a school that reflects their core values and priorities. All religious communities have a right to a fair portion of their tax dollars to support the education of their own children, whether in public, private, or religious schools, so long as those schools meet basic educational standards of reading, writing, and mathematics. To this end, we support school choice programs, tax credit programs, charter schools, and other vehicles that expand educational liberty in America. We also believe that religious schools of various types are essential institutions for the formation of good American citizens, educated in the virtues of personal and communal responsibility.
  5. We believe that strengthening the culture of the family is one of the most important moral responsibilities of our age. The flourishing of Jewish life depends on the strength of Jewish families—including the promotion of strong and committed marriages, the belief that raising children is a sacred gift and awesome responsibility, and the courage to oppose those cultural influences and trends that directly undermine respect for responsible family life.
  6. We believe that America and Israel should stand together as strategic and moral allies. For decades, America has supported Israel in the geopolitical sphere, and America remains Israel’s indispensable super-power ally. Our two nations have deeply shared interests and values. America and Israel also have many shared enemies, who actively seek to harm or destroy us. In standing up for our ideals, America and Israel should stand boldly together. And in facing the political, moral, and military dangers that now confront us—especially the threat of radical Islam—we should continue to share intelligence, technology, and every necessary means of maintaining security and pursuing victory.