Saturday, November 9, 2019
Our $100 JLC Shabbat Add-On includes:

8:00 AM: Breakfast Available

9:15 AM: Morning Services
Morning services where everyone is welcome and breakfast will also be available.

11:45 AM: Kiddush and Luncheon
Enjoy the chance to get to know some of our conference speakers, the JLC team, and your fellow attendees over lunch. All food will be certified glatt under the OU.

12:45 PM: R’ Joseph Telushkin speaks about “Critical Choices: Three Decisions that Changed Jewish History”

Author of more than a dozen books about Jewish history, Jewish ideas, and the civic implications of Jewish civilization, renowned speaker R’ Joseph Telushkin joins our Shabbat to ask a simple but profound question: what are the critical choices that leaders have made throughout Jewish history to change the course of the Jewish people and the world? Spanning from antiquity through the middle ages to modern times, women and men of vision have had the courage to make hard decisions and lead our people through the difficulties of history. R’ Telushkin focuses on three key moments. As we gather together to make a stand for the Jewish people, we’ll hear R’ Telushkin explain which historical precedents echo through time and can inspire us now.

3:15 PM: Afternoon Discussion on “Israeli and American Politics” with Jonathan Tobin, Matthew Continetti, and John Podhoretz

In the aftermath of the recent Israeli election, the governing coalition of the Jewish State remains uncertain. Uncertain, too, is Israel’s place in America’s evolving politics. To help us make sense of the politics in Israel and the role of Israel in America, we’ll be joined by three real pros: the Jewish News Syndicate’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) resident scholar Matthew Continetti, and Commentary editor John Podhoretz.

4:25 PM: Mincha/Afternoon Service

4:45 PM: Seudat Shlishit

5:20 PM: Maariv/Evening Service