July 25, 2018
There is no more dangerous military threat to the State of Israel than Iran, whose government regularly issues calls for Israel’s destruction, funds terrorist activity against Israel, and supports militant organizations throughout the region. Israeli intelligence has recently uncovered a trove of evidence documenting that Iran’s nuclear program had been designed for weaponization from the very beginning. That is why understanding Iran, not only its policies and strategic concept, but also its people, is necessary for Israeli security. And it would seem that changes may be afoot there. Not only among wealthy, idealistic Iranians, but among the country’s vast working class. Sensing an opportunity to speak through social media directly to the Iranian people, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently offered gestures of friendship to Iranians. What is behind this diplomatic strategy? How have these gestures been received? What is provoking the popular Iranian protests, and what political changes might they foreshadow? Commentary senior writer Sohrab Ahmari joins Jonathan Silver on this week’s Kikar to take a tour of the Iranian political landscape, peering below the rhetoric of government officials to try and understand Iranian national sentiment. Kikar is brought to you by the Jewish Leadership Conference (JLC). To learn more about the JLC, visit jlc.staging.wpengine.com.