The Jewish people face big challenges ahead. A new government in America. Another election in Israel. Building on the Abraham Accords and confronting the Iranian threat. The future of Jewish education. The post-COVID economy. The state of faith in America, Israel, and the West. Such moments require great leaders, new thinking, and enduring ideas. Join us for the inaugural online conference on “Jews, Israel, and the Future of America.” Spend the day with some of the leading thinkers of our era, all from the comfort of your home.


Jews and the Future of America
Does American Jewry Have a Strategy?
The Meaning of American Leadership
The Future of American Conservatism
Herzl Prize Address: Prof. Ruth Wisse
The Hebrew Bible and the American Soul
The Great Powers Collide:
Major World Threats and How to Face Them
Can Jews and Christians
Renew American Institutions?
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism,
and America’s Universities
Israel, Zionism, and the West
How Great Nations
Depend on Great Families
The Iran Threat:
What is America’s Strategy?
The Significance of the Abraham Accords:
An Inside View
The Israeli Elections
and the Future of Israeli Conservatism
The Post-COVID Economy:
East, West, and Israel
The Israeli Miracle
and the Universal Significance
of Jewish Jerusalem